The annoying thing I do now (since the advent of Google search) is Google everything. Even when I have downloaded the files recently! ( I know I have downloaded it because when the next file downloads, it shows as filename(1).fileextension) Hence the need of keeping a set of USB stick drives which have all the software, especially install files.

I have a few USB stick drives collected over time. The first one has image files (.iso files) for all operating systems that I use across the school. They are loaded on the USB using Yumi Multi-Boot software and makes life real simple to install an operating system. All you have to do is load up boot menu at the start and set USB as first choice boot and then follow instructions from there. School machines have been downgraded to Windows 7 (64bit) from stock supplied Windows 10 at this stage.

The next USB has all important software like VLC(video file player), Chrome installer, Google drive, Adobe package, Office package and all the other course related software like Eclipse ( for Java), Brackets ( for HTML/CSS), Lego Mindstorm software, etc. Google chrome webstore has some really good software for stop frame animation ( which I will talk about in the next section), storyboarding apps, project management apps and tons of easy to use apps/games for the browser. I am unsure at this stage of the effect of number of apps on the running of the browser but it’s working fine for now with about 10 apps.

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