[easymedia-gallery med=”73″ filter=”1″]On 2 March the year 9 – 10 students went to the DreamWorks exhibition at Te Papa Museum in Wellington. This exhibition showcased design work made by the international animation company famous for its movies like ‘Shrek’, ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and ‘How To Train Your Dragon’. The students were welcomed by Mr. Makaira who is an education specialist. He emphasised on the importance of creating concepts before making a movie. The journey of creating hand drawn sketches which eventually get ‘computerised’ using drawing tablets to its final movie form is truly remarkable. The exhibition also showed how motion editing material is used by actors to play their roles which are then replaced by animated movie characters. I have learnt that the whole process is lengthy, strenuous and requires lots of patience.


The senior Digital Technology students visited the same exhibition on 3 March. The students have assessments based on demonstrating knowledge and understanding of media at year 11, 12 and 13 for which this field trip setup the perfect platform to gain deeper insight. Detailed storyboarding and planning for an animation like ‘Shrek’ which had about 80,000 storyboard frames made, marked the importance of refining concepts through the lens of the creative team at DreamWorks. Students were amazed by some of the developmental designs as one character drawn for ‘Shrek’ in the initial phases looked way different to his final form.


This field trip had multiple applications for junior and senior Digital Technology students in their curriculum areas. Showing the impact of good design procedures and incremental development through intense testing was the highlight. It also emphasised the importance of working in a team and wider co-ordination between teams. The key curriculum concepts of Technological modelling, Technological practise and Nature of Technology were all showcased under one roof and lastly, the amazing, ever realistic resin model of ‘Po’, the lead character of Kung Fu Panda just blew me away!

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