Google Classroom Folders

For a second year in a row, Google Classroom is proving to be a highlight in delivering and managing content for my classes. It’s highly simplistic interface and effectiveness makes it a strong frontrunner in learning management systems. Ultranet on the other hand was difficult to navigate and updating information was a daily struggle. Hapara addon might be something I will eventually look at. One of the most amazing features is the marking in Classroom. You can easily use the grading feature after creating and assignment and then store the grades as an Excel sheet. Returning the grades with a score as an email is really convenient. Students are appreciating the delivery method and can easily access information when they are away(no more excuses for not completing homework). Currently the score only take whole numbers for grades ( so you cannot mark someone a 7.5). Once exported to Excel I can easily convert them to an Achieved, Merit or Excellence using a simple formula sheet template I have made.

Most grades are marked out of 10. Any students attaining a 5,6 is an Achieved, 7,8 is a Merit and 9,10 is Excellence. All of them are color coded as well so I can see instantly the results of the class and gauge the outcome based on color. I can alternatively copy the marks to Google Sheets and save the sheet( and then download it).

Desctop screenshot_googleClassroomSheetsExport

Google sheets export is really good because the averages for the class and individual exams marked are automatically output to the screen. The grading of marks and returning it to students has been simplified. They get an email from me with the grade/ comment(image below shows every assessment with grade and comment). Wonderful. Thanks Google!



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