So I have been thinking about this for a really long time and finally made it happen with some help from friends and colleagues. Designed a simple vector graphic on Adobe Illustrator with the Maori translation of Digital Technology Lab (which is Ruma Rorohiko, Roro meaning processor by itself, and Ruma meaning Room). Last year, Wellington had a big earthquake and the school had damage to some of our gear, one of which, was a chromebook. This gave me the ideal opportunity to recycle the broken device as it was still going. 

 I dismantled the chromebook, and figured out that the screen is hooked up to the main motherboard (which is literally the size of a smartphone, the battery takes the most space) and could be separated while I try to figure out a way to mount the screen on the door.

My school custodian, Roland Boekhoff, gave this idea of a bezeled wooden frame that will hold the screen in place while giving it a really good look. I got John Barrow, Outreach Coordinator at Victoria University in Wellington to laser cut the design on an acrylic sheet. Roland then colored in the letters with a black satin finish spray can. Finally I hooked up the keyboard and the power cord on the back of the door using a plastic folder (which looks dodgy but does the job).

The screen currently displays a binary clock (from the chrome webstore) which I believe will raise the profile of Computer Science as a topic before I start teaching it next term. In the future I could display news, notices, highlights of the Tech club or similar content.

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