Lesson 1 – Intro to Arduino – Year 10 Programme

PS: Download link is now updated with the fixed PowerPoint! Thanks for letting me know.

Trying to continue what my predecessor(John Barrow) started with Arduino! A complete junior programme that teachers in schools can pick up and run in class. All you will need is an Arduino kit ( Probably don’t need to buy a complete kit but customise one as per requirements). Kits are readily available on NZ sites like Surplustronics, Jaycar NZ and Trademe; however, if you would like something cheaper (and in bulk quantity) then Aliexpress would be the way to go. Bear in mind, sometimes it can be painfully long for those goods to arrive from overseas! So if you need it urgently, I do not recommend it.

Starter kit as found on www.ebay.com

I have attached what I think is a simple introductory PowerPoint lesson to the Arduino. It starts off with what and why, followed by practical uses before getting into setting up and running the blink example. Most of the images used are from copyright free sources and I have done my best to reference them. There is no commercial benefit from this PowerPoint! I have also attached a Unit Plan for the Arduino. Feel free to modify as per requirement. The objectives and outcomes are slated for a year 9 / 10 class to get into electronics rather than learning it for an assessment.


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