Arduino Unit now complete! 10 plus hours of classwork on slideshows and provided code

It is finished. Well, almost I reckon. The Unit plan, Slideshows for an Arduino unit, 10 plus hours and included code all in one zipped file.
The idea is that teachers can use the Arduino to teach skills in programming and computational thinking. The best part about the Arduino is that its easy to source, cheap to replace and the language ain’t that hard. The lessons cover these topics: Servos, Motors, Sensors, LED’s (lots of exercises), Sound effects, Relays which are your basics to get a project going.

I highly recommend getting starter kits from either or for your class. Alternatively, you could also get Sparkfun kits( which come with their own resource book but are slightly dearer. You can make your own custom kits by getting bulk bits of Arduino units, resistors etc. by looking up the kits on Sparkfun and then buying them off Surplustronics, Jaycar or similar dealers. Look up for electronics kits as well. Troy may be able to source something for you.

Once again, thanks to John Barrow who initially compiled these together from various sources. Please email me for any clarifications as well as corrections at as there are bound to be some. If something doesn’t work as it should, please look up forums for troubleshooting as well. There is a lot of information and support for the Arduino. Happy prototyping.
Download and Unzip

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