This kit was designed as an electronics activity for the Space and Science festival at Onslow College held a few years ago. As the website is down, I requested Lee Mauger to share the files, to solder the kit.

The soldering kit has about 17 components in all. Follow some simple soldering rules when you put them together ( YouTube would be your best bet for it). Of course Terry Miller, who designed these rockets ( ) probably could have reduced the number of components needed, but he has done a good job making it look and appear cool!

Just remember that the transistors, LED and battery clips have to be wired with their positive / negative markings correctly to make it work. Others don’t matter.

Troubleshooting: sometimes the components are not soldered well, so once you put your batteries together, if you push and hold some components and press the button, usually it shows signs of life. Then you know which components need to be resoldered. Remember to take the battery off before resoldering. File attached below.

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