The best(and most popular) response I get in my feedback when asked, “Why did you need this conference?” was to network with other teachers and see what/how everyone is doing.

Welcome to CS4HS-Victoria University of Wellington. Its an annual digital technology teacher conference held at the local university, run by the Engineering and CS outreach team. This year we had 64 teachers attend with a special focus on day 1 towards NCEA and Review of Achievement standards and day 2/3 for skills. Full schedule is here:

While the conference itself was successful, there is some learning for myself to take back especially planning for next year. With about half the group keen to have it compressed over 2 days, while slightly under a 1/3 of the group keen to continue the current 2.5 day format (the rest didn’t care), it might be worth noting the drop in numbers for day 3. A few teachers couldn’t attend as it clashed with the Maths NCEA exam while some could not take another day off work (even though this was their only PD they have undertaken in the year). This is unfortunately a sad reality of the teaching industry.

The workshops itself were a taster for teachers to go try out in their own schools. Again, some people prefer that format, whereas a few others were keen to see a ‘stream’ created (like Robotics, Programming, Databases) which will run all day and teachers can master one area rather than learning tit bits from everything.

All in all, I have mainly positive feedback and some constructive feedback for some presenters , some of whom have shared their resources here: Feel free to download them.

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