Project Title: Who Wants to be a Millionaire – Mobile CSP edition

Elevator Pitch: This is a quiz app based around the popular quiz show, but the questions are specific around what we have learnt over the last few weeks in the course. This will assist students doing the course to get refreshed in the subject before attempting the final exam, and the Who wants to be a millionaire is just a theme to make the quiz quirky.

Description: Who wants to be a millionaire – Mobile CSP edition is an app made for students doing the Mobile CS principles course, and possibly other students of Computer Science, prepare themselves for the test. As its been about 4 to 5 weeks since I began the course, I was starting to forget some of the key points I learnt in the first few weeks. The quiz, in a very simplistic form, will assist learning and recalling information; and while its intended to be updated, its easy design and development ensures anyone who wants to make a quiz can readily do so, with this open program. The quiz loads up with the instructions, and then gets into the game right away. Each correct answer raises your ‘money’ in the form of binary calculation, so essentially you jump in power of 2. If you get a question wrong, you are out! and you need to restart, so no room for error, which means you better revise before attempting the quiz 🙂

Technical description: This app is made from the concept idea of who wants to be a millionaire. So I found the logo for the show on Wikipedia, edited it using Adobe Capture (as it converts it into some funky colors and shapes), and saved it as web media (small file which can readily load). The audio for the game has been downloaded from which allowed use of media in personal projects. I thought it will be authentic to use those sounds, so I downloaded and edited as needed using Adobe Audition.

Screenshot of Loading page

With the design of the App, I started drawing out concepts first on a drawing app, to ensure I knew what I am trying to achieve in this short time frame. So I listed out everything I needed, tried breaking up code into procedures wherever possible to make it efficient. For example the AddScore procedure, which adds up the score to the power of 2, everytime the player gets a correct answer. There are a few IfElse statements to ensure correct option chosen takes them to next question, else to the end of the game. The lists made for questions and answers, and the options lists of list start off in order, however I would have love to randomise questions everytime the player played the game. The clock timer was interesting to play with, as I realised its bad practice to have a ‘delay’ as such, because it wrecks the rest of the program, so you have to create intervals and fire the clock everytime you want it run.

Details of Technical Requirements in Images:

ScreenCapture of some of the blocks

Download and Test:

UPDATE– I’ve realised (late) that the link did not work for some of my friends testing the app to give me a review. If it doesn’t work please email at and I’ll try send another file. It worked perfectly fine on the TestFlight App for App Inventor on my iPhone, but on the Android emulator, it seemed to disobey some rules.

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