CS Education – SubTopics

While doing my Mobile CS principles course on EdX, I came across a number of topics that could be covered in CS Ed which teachers don’t really think about. The most obvious we focus on is programming and quite often we get too busy teaching a ‘language’ rather than a range of areas, and giving students a proper introduction to CS (especially in the intermediate age group). Below is a mind map that I compiled with topics that could be covered giving ample opportunities for students to learn a lot more about Computer Science, its history to current and future. You may or may not agree with all the sub categories, but this is more so to give ideas to teachers to talk and teach about and is very flexible. It was a pain to put it together, because Mindmeister was not free so I couldn’t directly embed it so had to chop it up and align it in Photoshop.

MindMap of CS Ed topics

Suggestions for improvement welcome.


CS Education – SubTopics
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