Games in Education and Intro to Virtual Reality spaces

Recently I offered two online PD sessions for Digital Technology teachers. The first one being Games in Education, hosted by Dr.Simon McCallum which covered concepts of game design, game making and development. Simon has vast experience in game design and development, while also teaching and research in the field of game design and psychology. His passions also include making medieval artifacts which sort of complement his interest in games. In this video Simon covers aspects of game theory and its impact on learning and teaching. The talk is about 40mins and followed by Q & A from teachers.

In this second session, Byron Mallett from our School of Design Innovation, covered a solid intro to Virtual Reality, talking about hardware and software, different realities and how to get started. This is a 3 hour video covering a practical session in using Mozilla Hubs using the Spoke editor. Byron‘s background is in creative coding and is currently looking into integration of hardware into virtual reality.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or comment below.

Games in Education and Intro to Virtual Reality spaces
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